I believe in the transformative
power of user-centered design.

Hi, my name is Ross Popoff-Walker. I am a UX designer at Google, a teacher at the School of Visual Arts, and a freelance product design consultant living in Brooklyn, NY.

Case Study No. 1


Fetch is a personal shopping service. I was part of the founding team and Head of Product, helping take the seed-funded team from rough concept to public launch in eight months.

This I Believe

is More Than
Pretty Pixels

I believe that great digital products are built by thoughtfully crafting a balance between useful, usable, and beautiful. My goal as a UX designer is to build thoughtful, structured processes that uncover customer pain-points, business needs, consumer trends, and synthesizes all that into a clear design challenge and solutions for that challenge.

Design is much more than just pretty pixels — it is interdisciplinary stewardship. My favorite moments have been sitting with other designers and developers, working on a team to turn a concept into something that people love to use.

Case Study No. 2


Pacer was a small side project. While exploring the iOS7 interface update and restyling in August 2013, I designed the app in a few weeks, and my friend (an iOS developer) built the app.

My Design Process

Clarify the Problem

Identify the problem — a pain-point, an efficiency waiting to be uncovered.

Iterative Design

Sketches, wireframes, prototypes — clarify hypothesis through design, and test them with real users.

Build & Refine

Build discrete features, iteratively. Simultaneously iterate on the UI, and continue user testing

Beta-test & Polish

Launch in beta, gather insights and find low-hanging fruit for improvement.