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Ross Popoff-Walker is a freelance UX Designer in Brooklyn, NY

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This I Believe

Design is More
Than Pretty Pixels

I believe crafting a balance between useful, usable, and beautiful results in great products. First to market, or great execution, is not enough; building a framework for meaningful interactions while bringing utility and value into peoples lives is my focus and goal.

Design is much more than just pretty pixels; it is interdisciplinary stewardship. Through user-centered design and a ninja-nerd ability to prioritize product efforts, I help bridge the gap between design and code. Working on a team to bring a great product to life is what I love.

Design Process

Research & Define

Identify the problem and research the audience. Interview stakeholders and gather requirements.

Low Fidelity Design

Sketch and wireframe screens and flows, gathering and incorporating feedback, and iterating on designs in low-fidelity.

Prototype & Iterate

Build discrete features, test with customers and iterate (rinse, repeat). Simultaneously develop visual a language and UI styling.

Build, Test & Refine

Meld visual design with code. Improve usability through QA, continued user testing, heuristic evaluations, and analytics.

Skills & Capabilities


Customer Research

Uncovering the needs and goals of customers through UX methods like contextual inquiry and user interviews.


Design Evaluations

Conducting heuristic-driven evaluations of an app, site or interface to uncover flaws and design recommendations.


Design Sketching

Leading workshops and group meetings to quickly iterate through ideas in low-fidelity, while incorporating essential feedback from users and stakeholders.


Wireframes & Mockups

Documenting functional designs and flows page-by-page, or as clickable mockups to validate and prototype ideas.


Visual Design

Defining a visual brand/style, and applying throughout an experience.


Product Management

Building out product roadmaps and executing against development schedules.

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