Back To Basics, not baby yoga

A friend who works as a nanny for a very well-to-do young family in Boston was telling me about their 2-year old’s daily schedule. Here’s a small speck of the kid’s day: “baby yoga, baby painting, baby gymnastics, and lots of walks.” To which all I could say is: “I don’t even do half as much as this kid!”

While I didn’t get any more specifics, I’d image this kids name was surely Hunter James Johnson, II, and he was almost certainly adorned in an exclusive edition of JCREW’s baby collection. Aside from fitting the perfect yuppie lifestyle, it struck me how unnatural an upbringing this kid must have — and how far removed from the basics of playing in the park and finger panting we have come.

We need our lifestyles to get back to basics. We’re not meant to work 12 hours, workout indoors for 2, “socialize” by consuming alcohol for 4, sleep for 6, and then do it all over again.

“There is a considerable mismatch between the world in which our minds evolved and our current existence. Our species has spent almost all of its existence on the African savanna. While there is debate over the details, we know for sure that our minds were not adapted to cope with a world of billions of people. The life of a modern city dweller, surrounded by strangers, is an evolutionary novelty. Thousands of years ago, there was no television or Internet, no McDonald’s, birth-control pills, Viagra, plastic surgery, alarm clocks, artificial lighting or paternity tests. Instead, there was plenty of nature. We lived surrounded by trees and water and animals and sky.”

All of this is just one of the many good reasons we need to spend more time surrounded by nature, and more time saving it.