Being an Entrepreneur = Katamari Damacy

The effort I’m putting into my first true start-up, The Tin Fox Company, is beginning to pay off. And as I read start-up blogs daily, looking for advice, I came across a fantastic post by David DeRemer and his company Grande Labs that seems to sum it all up.

Remember the game Katamari Damacy (a version for iOS now too)? You play the role of a little Prince in a fantastic space-fantasy world. You move from planet to planet, with a little ball called your Katamari. That special Katamri ball has an amazing power — as you roll it around t, you can pick up physical objects.

At first, you can only pick up small objects — a paper clip or a pencil eraser. But each object adds to your Katamari, making it bigger, and enabling you to pick up even larger objects.

The funny way this metaphore of the game maps to the experience of being an Entrepreneur is pretty awesome. To quote from David’s post:

1) You have to constantly be aware of the size of your katamari. You can’t spend time trying to pick up things that are beyond your reach. If you do, it’ll stop you dead in your tracks. So don’t try to raise money if you don’t have a product or a track record. Don’t woo a developer if you can’t offer him anything serious. Don’t quit your job if you haven’t tested the idea. Instead focus on the things that are near by that will make your katamari grow the fastest…based on your current size.

2) Momentum. Never stop pushing the ball. The only way to get a startup going is to keep the ball moving. Never stop. If the katamari is idle, it can’t get bigger. The trick is to find big wins that will accelerate your growth. So don’t waste time on little things that aren’t a sizable contribution to your growth. Most importantly resign yourself to the fact that you are never done…ever. You are never ever done.

3) There are lots of katamaris in play. This is good. These are your potential partners and support group. They will help you figure out what to do next. Or maybe you can join forces, but then the trick is to figure out how to connect katamaris so that everyone can get bigger together. Unfortunately I find that too many entrepreneurs are too focused on building their own companies when we’d all be more successful if we focused on building OUR own companies.