Dear-God, this site misses the point” really wants to be the next Post-Secret, but it doesn’t even come close. It takes user submitted confessions, pairs it with a photograph, and puts it on a blog with a visual design reminiscent of a graphic artist’s final project for art school.


The site’s hyper-stylized presentation makes it come off as as way too inauthentic and impersonal. Post Secret however started as a small project by one guy on Blogger. And it succeeded from this through word-of-mouth (NOT RSS) and through an authentic “under-designed” aesthetic. Plus, it users were submitting their own creations… not just words.

So, back to My first impression of the site was “Wow, what pretty pictures!!” Which completely misses the point. It takes a few moments to realize the substance of the whole experience is hidden in the tiny text hidden below each photograph.

“Dear God, My girlfriend had an abortion last month.”

“Oh who cares what pretty pictures what a gorgeous typeface and what a lovely color scheme you have there!!”

I respect all whom choose to express themselves openly online — the presentation of this site is what’s to blame, not the content. So, I’ll try another letter to the editor approach.


Lose the act.

– Ross

PS. Something Somewhere, if you read this, no offense intended. Drop me an email and let’s chat.