Defining Sustainability As Cradle To Cradle Design

What do companies mean when they create eco-friendly products? There’s a big difference between making small changes to a product, and then marketing it as green, and creating truly sustainable offerings.

Poland Spring’s Eco-Shaped bottle uses less plastic than any other water bottle. But the packaging is still plastic, and bottled water is a product that still produces excessive amounts of waste. So ultimately, this effort by Poland Spring rides the line of greenwashing.


True sustainable design is a product, manufacturing proccess, or business model, that creates minimal waste — whatever it produces for consumption, it takes back and reuses.

Sustainability = business and industry that mimics the cycle of life.

Some are calling this the next industrial revolution . Rather than the cradle to grave processes that dominated the 20th century, where corporations viewed nature as a limitless resource, cradle to cradle design requires a complete rethinking.

Tomorrow’s businesses will be based on timeless models like photosynthesis and the carbon cycle

carbon cycle diagram