Designing For the Strengths of Different Channels

It’s difficult but necessary to design for each channel as a unit of a whole – designing for each medium’s strengths. Because taking a great TV commercial and posting it on the Web as a microsite, doesn’t make a great website – yet that’s done even by some of today’s best brands (note: just because Apple does it, doesn’t make it a good idea).

What I’m talking about is different than campaign integration – a campaign like GameKillers that spans channels is one thing, but this is more about an approach of treating each channel as its own piece of work. Consumers don’t want advertising that says the same thing over and over across different channels. We want something that we can experience from different angles, where our experience changes over time.

So, here’s a list I developed to illustrate each channel’s strengths:

Here’s a graphic of the above for you to share if you dig this post. Do you have any examples of other channel strengths or of a great piece of work done in one channel?