The Problem of Evangelizing User Experience

User experience designers struggle for organization-wide understanding. “UX and Agile: Tying the knot” is a nice read over on UX Magazine that talks about this.

“Many UX professionals haven’t done themselves any favors by evangelizing user experience as something that is beyond the reach of graphic designers and software developers. Design and is something that should be embraced by all parts of the organization.”

Data-driven minds tend to sweep aside design thinking, and us designers still really haven’t made a solid case.

“Invariably it should be the people who have the most contact with clients and users who take ownership of user experience design, so it’s sometimes surprising when sales and marketing departments worry more about their KPIs than how happy the users are, because it seems impossible to achieve high KPIs without keeping the customers happy. And even bad user experiences (perhaps even more so than the positive ones) deserve attention of the consummate UX professional, who (for better or worse) is always focused on building strong relationships between users and products.”