Good Design is…


If you own an iPod you’ll know Dieter Rams’ work by absorption. He was the head of design at Braun, the German consumer electronics manufacturer, and influenced Johnathan Ives, who designed the iPod:

His “ten commandments” for good design focuses on simplicity and minimalism. This is a list a lot of industrial designers know, but take a look through the 10 qualities of good design below and see if there isn’t something that applies to what you do: I just recently came across it.

Good Design…

  1. is innovative.
  2. makes a product useful.
  3. is aesthetic.
  4. helps us to understand a product.
  5. is unobtrusive.
  6. is honest.
  7. is durable.
  8. is consequent to the last detail.
  9. is concerned with the environment.
  10. is as little design as possible.

[via BBHlabs]