How To Write A Successful Blog

I was going write a “Best Of Annoying Design” list showcasing some of my favorite blog posts from the past year. But when I looked at my WordPress readership stats (which you can easily do), I noticed the most popular post, by a huge margin, was a random idea I had about designing web sites with sex appeal. In this post I just happened to mention the ’09 Chevy Camero, and post a picture of it, as an example of emotional design. Since then consistently, every day, I get about 100 views of that one single post, which is now seven months old.


But these hundred-odd people who come to my blog every day aren’t here for my brilliant musings on advertising and user experience — they’re here because they want to see a picture of the 2009 camaro.  And I know this because along with blog stats, I get comments. Tons of them, most of which I mark as spam. Comments like this one which I’m sharing in unedited entirety, written by someone who identified themselves as “Little Joe West” (I kid you not):

“when are the 2009 camaro.s gonna be at the dealerships,that will most definately be my next purchase!!! please send me some literature on the silver 2009 hardtop camaro i absolutely love this car ya,ll did a fabulous job i truly believe it will be a #1 seller when it hits the market we like it better than the corvettes,there are talk about a camaro club as well,like the corvette club…why is camero spelled this way CAMERO, on the old camaro,s was spelled like this CAMARO?

Now, I realize SEO plays a role in this, and I use the WordPress SEO Pack plugin. And the post in question here does have the words “sex appeal” in it. But how is that people end up on my site just because of this one random post? And what does this mean for me as a blogger? Am I destined to forever be seen only by the few great souls who comment here, and by Little Joe West, with his spelling suggestions?

After looking through Google search results for “camaro 2009,” and still not finding a link to my blog, I’m at a loss. But it’s clear to me what to do if you want to write a successful blog. Don’t bother with detailed analysis of social media as evolution of the internet like Owyang, or provide thoughtful tips on dealing with the interactive space like Armano. You don’t need to waste your time with that. All you need to do to garner readership is talk about sex and “Camaro”. And use the words as tags for all your posts: CAMERO, CAMARO, 2009 CHEVY CAMARO, ’09 CAMARO, CAMARO… CAMARO. Oh, and don’t forget the pictures.

Bring on the comments, Little Joe.