Ideas are a Dime a Dozen

When we were young there was a classroom exercise where we partnered up two by two, and had to take care of an egg for a few days together, ensuring that it didn’t break.

Perhaps that is what great ideas are like; precious, the great ones rare, and to incubate they need to be protected, coddled, like an egg in the hands of children. Because after all, ideas are frail, and they can easily be shattered by arguments, feedback and “too many cooks in the kitchen”… right?

Actually, that’s all bullshit.

Ideas are a dime a dozen, and if you work in a “creative” field where the people think ideas and creativity are some special secret sauce, you’re really just bullshitting.

Making great things happen in companies and large organizations is hard — many good ideas do die, but that’s not for a lack of creativity or insight — it’s because getting many different people on the same page, no matter how smart the individuals — rallying people together — that’s a challenge. It’s *the* challenge, facing companies, startups, groups of all kinds, and even this country as a whole.