Innovate Through Prototyping


Design firms and ad agencies are both in the business of creating great ideas. Innovative, thought-provoking ideas. The kind which stand the litmus test of “why didn’t I think of that?!” But as ad agencies increasingly transform to focus on digital work and new consumer behaviors, the more we at Modernista! are shifting out of old habits of working.

In the past, presenting your thoughts for a TV campaign or a print ad on a comp or a board was a sufficient way to sell new work. These linear mediums fit well on pieces of paper. Digital work however is a decidedly different beast.

Some of the freshest interactive work I’ve seen lately couldn’t ever be sold with words alone, or on a static page. Take for instance this small site project called YooouuuTuuube. In essence it’s a Flash tool that pulls a YouTube video and transforms it into a looping set of frames. But the “wow” factor doesn’t translate unless you see experience it. And that element, the wow factor, is why prototyping is becomes so key for making innovative digital work at ad agencies.

Because it is the agencies and clients that allow creative teams to take time to build out small interactive ideas who will reap the benefits. Diego Rodriguez is a partner at IDEO, and has recently been blogging about the principals of innovation. Not surprisingly prototyping are two essential ones:

I’ll write more later on how agencies and creative teams can pull off prototyping, but the gist of it for now: small teams, fast working cycles, and lots… lots of ideas.

[Written for the Modernista! blog]