Into The Wild, Running

Disclaimer: this blog post has nothing to do with design, advertising, or user experience. It’s about trail running. A sport which purposefully takes place in nature, because no matter how busy our lives become, we could all use some time in the woods.

I’ll never be a great runner. The people who I see in photos crossing the finish line ahead of the pack of a major marathon — I’ll never be one of those people. You need to be born to do that. And really dedicated, and very skinny (I am not so skinny).

But even though I won’t be winning the Boston Marathon next year, which really is a huge disappointment for my family, because they always say “we want you to achieve your dreams,” despite that, I do love running. For me it’s an extremely solitary sport, and my best runs are alone in the woods. Through wooden paths, I focus on my breath, and become a part of the scenery.

And sometimes I run along side other people.

The best lesson I’ve learned from running with people is that you can’t tell just how hard another runner is going — how long it’s taken them to get to their pace, be it faster or slower than you. You need to run a mile in their Nikes. Because running is blind to age, and weight, and race, and income. It is something you can do for the rest of your life.

Trail running is becoming mainstream and soon it won’t be as fun when the paths are as public as the sidewalks. But we can always push further into the forest. Runners know know boundaries.