iOS App Icon Assets & Sizes Reference

I couldn’t find any solid one-stop reference for the different iOS app icon sizes, so here’s a quick summary. This lists out the different icon sizes you’ll need for an app compatible only with retina devices (iPhone 4s and above), running iOS6.1 and above.

App Icon Sizes


Launch Images

  • For iPhone5 and above: 640 x 1136
  • For iPhone 4s and iPod touch: 640 x 960


Formatting Assets


App Icon Rounded Corners

Please keep in mind, you’re final app icon assets should NOT have rounded corners!

“Note that iOS 7 doesn’t apply shine or a drop shadow to the app icon. And, although iOS 7 still applies a mask that rounds the corners of an app icon, it uses a different corner radius than earlier versions of iOS.” (Source: Apple’s iOS7 Transition Guide)


For more reference, check out Apple’s dev documentation.