Links of the Day 7/12/06

Three coporate blogs…

Yahoo’s blog
Good Navigation all around. But would it have hurt them to put just a pages in for author bios?

Cisco’s blog on “high tech public policy”
Similarly good navigation and a link to “Blogs @ Cisco”, where there are a bunch of a other blogs, is a plus. But, like all corporate blogs, they don’t take the time to add a link to the corporate homepage. That’s like asking a girl out on a date but refusing to tell her your name. Not a great way to hit it, playa!

Nike Basketball’s blog
A great example of a bad blog. One reason (and there are many)– it breaks what should be one of the first tenants of blogging — introduce yourself. We have no idea who writes the blog, and so frankly, I don’t give two shakes about what they say. Although I do like looking at they pretty kicks….

Mmmm…. purple and yellow sneakers!