lowercase letters and the new myspace aesthetic…

just look better.

But customizing Myspace profiles with a template or silly color scheme does not. And lots of young people are catching on to that. Young people are more design-savvy and creative than ever before. They know good design when they see it.

And they realize MySpace is over — it has become a breeding ground for ridiculous banner ads, heavy-handed marketing messages on sponsored profiles, and the occasional sex offender.

Which is why lots of kids today have made their MySpace pages private, and choose to customize their personal space with sporadic thoughts only their friends will get and a few images they really hold dear.

myspace profile with lowercase letters

This past week I was at home with the flu. Which means I wasted way too much time on myspace while I had nothing better to do but feel sick.

Danah Boyd’s excellent article about socio-economic class impacting who uses MySpace vs Facebook might have a role in who chooses the more elegant design aesthetic of a simple myspace page. But it’s just one piece of the puzzle.

On a lighter note, I also noticed 18-22 year olds are kind of in love with l o w e r c a s e letters. It’s all they use on their myspace profiles. No suprise. They do look better, and more customized.

Bottom line: kids don’t customize their pages much any more. Templates and silly colors are lame now. It’s much more about what you say, than how you say it.