My New Gig At Modernista!

Last week I started a new job as Lead Experience Designer for Boston-based ad agency Modernista!

I’m their first full-time user experience hire, and charged with helping the agency, which is often recognized for brilliant traditional work, develop their interactive capabilities.

Designing Web sites and digital offerings is fundamentally different from creating a TV spot. So it’s going to certainly be a challenge to get a whole agency to shift their mentality and processes. But one I’m really excited by. Because in a lot of ways, this job is a culmination of all the things I’ve done before.

I’m going to rely heavily on the business strategy and user experience expertise I developed while working at Forrester for the past two years. Advising clients can sometimes be the biggest challenge, especially when you need to shift their thinking.

But I’m also going to pull a lot from what I learned working on Guitar Hero at Harmonix, and PeaceMaker at CMU. Those two jobs showed me what it means to work in on lean, mean, digital projects, and get things done with few resources.

I miss the people I met at Forrester. Especially Bruce Temkin who was my boss and mentor, and helped me carve out an area of expertise helping clients understand young consumers and design for them.

But I’m gung-ho about Modernista! Any agency with an exclamation point in their name has my heart, as I posted about a while back. Their awesome creativity stirs my soul. I hope I can change their minds though, that creativity isn’t king anymore. The user is.