Powerful blogging

The United States Holocaust Memorial Museum has an amazing new blog up now called World Is Witness, which I absolutely love. It’s has a geotagging element fuled by Google Earth. I read a ton of blogs on regularly, subscribed to over 100 at least, but while most blogs are informative or entertaining, this is the first I’ve that’s truly made me feel something — the kind of emotional response I usually get from great movies.

Part of it is of course the subject matter — covering genocide around the world. But a single blog post isn’t enough to make a true impact. So World Is Witness adds a world map front and center, so that each blog posts is tagged with a location, and real place in the world, and carries weight. Being able to navigate around a blog via a map is an awesome alternative to tag clouds or mini calenders.

And there is some incredible video like this one from Docotors Without Borders, making the blog a really rich experience — not something you’d just subscribe to, but something you want to visit regularly.