Nike iOS App

While at R/GA I worked on several iOS apps for Nike, include this one called BOOM.

The client’s ask was to completely redesign an existing iOS app. The first version of the app won numerous awards and was downloaded 1.6 Million times in 6 months. But few who downloaded the app used it frequently, and Nike wanted to build engagement.

My Role: Lead UX Designer, User Researcher, Prototyper

This iPhone app was aimed at helping teenagers, or any sports fan who wants encouragement while they workout. To build a deeper experience for the second version of the app that, we set out to make it a communication tool, as well as a training tool for competitive high-school athletes.

Our process started with upfront user research, interviewing and observing high school coaches and athletes.


Next the team, along with our iOS developers, brainstormed through all possible functionality we might want to consider. We explored the experience design and tech implications of each. Then we narrowed the list down and prioritized what would make a solid experience, combined with what was in scope.

Then we moved into light wireframes and design sketches. We didn’t want to completely redo an already effective interface and navigation, but there were many more more screens and flows to flesh out.





We also tested out flows by prototyping them with jQtouch (a framework that mimics standard iOS interface elements), and sharing those flows on a mobile device to people around the office.


Most of the iterative design work and conversations were done in a wireframe level of detail.