The Tin Fox Company

Tin Fox was an e-commerce platform for handmade and vintage designers and vendors. Along with two co-founders, I built in response to a problem: searching the web for unique, handmade goods, straight from the maker takes a lot of time. Our brand promise to the consumer was “Hunting for perfection, made easy.”

My Role: product design, web development, and branding.

The site was a hub for vendors to promote new products, secure pre-orders, and provide personalized products direct to consumers. We screened the vendors on our site &mdash invitation-only e-commerce means we’d ensure a specific level of quality.

We also wanted to allow makers and vendors on TinFox to sell uniquely personal items. Vendors and designers could “pre-sell” items and consumers could vote regularly on product samples and ideas they’d love to own. When a level of popularity for a certain product idea or sample was reached, the maker/vendor was then invited then put that item into production and fulfill pre-orders.

The teaser landing page.

Some early branding and visual design explorations.

And earlier concept, for a women-only product site, sketched in a quick visual format.