Pulling data from social networks

You may be pumping Mozart into your infants pillow as they sleep hoping to increase their brain power, but leading scientists say that really smart folks listen to smooth banjo cooing of Sufjan Stevens.

Actually, this is not scientific fact, merely a 25-year-old Caltech graduate student’s attempt to combine  Facebook’s “Favorite Artists/Books” lists with SAT score data. The results seem questionable — only people who got under 1,000 on their SAT’s listen to Jazz? You can find the fancy graphs here Books and Music that Make you Dumb.

Facebook is the hottest hot bed of data on the planet — yet their API allows nothing but pulling Status posts, from what I’ve heard. So much for the world of o-p-e-n source.

What if you tried to create a site that tied people’s High Schools to their current locations? Can’t.

Or created a new Twittervision like site with all Wallposts as they happen in real time? Nope, can not.

Basically, if Facebook opened its doors to profile data mashups, the coolest shit would be possible. Privacy concerns aside, MySpace could do this too, and maybe it would be all the edge they need to stop their site straffic stock from plummeting? MySpace, think about it, give me a call, let’s do lunch. I want to help you out.