Quick Tip: Adding Google Authorship to your WordPress Blog

You’ve surely noticed that over the past year, Google’s search results have started to include elements aside from just links and text. They now include star ratings for articles or recipes, as well as author headshots. These all fall under the umbrella of what Google calls “rich snippets.”

As a blogger, I’ve been trying to find out if rich snippets could increase my page ranking in search results, assuming that there is an SEO benefit. Frankly, I think Google has done a terrible job of communicating what these new search results are, how they work, and how to integrate them into things like a personal blog.

Because I found this incredibly confusing, I wanted to share the solution I found here:

First, you’ll need to make sure you visit the Users pannel in your WordPress admin and add all the profile information you can, including your Google+ profile ID.

Then, visit the Google+ authorship page, to verify the email you’re using as part of your domain (for me that’s ross@rosspw.com). That should get you on your way.