Recession Rap Session

Enough about us being in a recession people. There’s so much talk as though we are already in one, and about what tactics to take as a result. But yet no one is talking about WHY or HOW we we got here. And how we will get out. Josh and Charlene from Forrester have their ideas, and I totally agree, not just as a Forresterite, but as a consumer.

recession doughnut

We all might be pinching pennies in an economic downturn, but we’re all going to have the same amount of free time, and the same desire for entertainment and communication. And where’s the easiest place to go to fulfill that need? Online! Josh and Charlene describe this as the difference between advertising dollars that build awareness (traditional) vs. ad dollars that build consideration (interactive).

In an economic downturn, social networks, interactive campaigns, and brands that participate in conversations, rather then try to market messages, will succeed.

There are other things to keep in mind as well. Here are some ideas I’d like to add to the Recession To-Do List: