Smart and Nimble

This reads to me as a really clear overview of the currently agency/client landscape — it’s by Idris Mootee, CEO of Idea Couture, a small but awesome Canadian design shop.

More clients showing interest in digital agencies to serve as the “lead” on integrated communications efforts. … Clients are becoming less and less fixated on the type of agency handling their ad accounts and more on the “strategic capability” and “speed of execution.” In short, BRIGHT and FAST. Clients just come to the realization that … it can only go so far talking about your brands through paid media (communications), it is much better if you can get your customers to tell your brand stories in their own way.

Working in the agency world now at Modernista!, this is a rough time for clients, and their agencies. For any agency to survive and thrive, Smart and Nimble really are key.