Summer of Awesome Ideas: July '09

All things said are permanent on the web, but the stream of consciousness is ever changing. At any given moment, a new trend or news story can explode like wild fire, and the network of consciousness will reshape around the new idea. I think there are great ideas to come out of aggregation and visualization of the massive data we produce, but quickly forget.

Looking back through my Twitter feed, I’ve cherry picked these concepts and products as some of my favorite new ideas for the month of July:

Tiger Woods and a Banner Worth Clicking Through
Without relying on the traditional call-to-action, Tiger Woods greets you inviting you to a hit golf ball which then moves through different spaces on the web. The ball you hit travels through a weather site, but he’s ready with an umbrella. Freaking brilliant approach to engagement, rather than direct conversion. [See the archived banner]\

Across Air Augmented Reality Subway iPhone apps
Like all new tech, augmented reality can quickly become gimmicky in application. But connecting the basic utility of being in a new physical location, and looking for local subways is a perfect mapping for this tech. If only I had some extra dolla bills for a 3GS. [Visit the Across Air site]

Harry Potter Magic Tweets
Through a dedicated site, Twitter users can send potions and cast spells to specific Twitter followers. You have to select through a small list of messages and “potions” — but the rewarding execution of seeing a twitter page turned into a magical spell makes this a very cool use of the medium.

Robert Fabricant’s Social System Design Manifesto
“What role did Design play in contributing to our current global crisis? And what role should/will Designers play in leading us out of this mess?” … “We must increasingly design for social systems, not individual needs.” [Read the full post on Core77]

“TRON: Legacy” Trailer
I am a Sci-Fi nerd to the core. And painfully aware of how little well-written and unique filmaking happens in the genre. So while the visual direction seems a bit too 3DStudioMax for my tastes, this is a wonderfully done trailer for a revival I can’t wait to see. Distric 9 is up there, too, IMHO.

Build Your Own Fixed Gear
Taking a clue from Nike ID, Urban Outfitters has started their own line of fixie bikes, which you can build customize online. There’s also Republic Bikes, which are cheaper. Neither will get you through the Tour De France, but you’ll look nice crusing to the next warehouse party.