The coolest shyt I've ever seen: Modernista's website

Modernista! is a Boston-based full service agency with a Web site that puts those of most large interactive agencies to shame. It evokes an incredulous response when you first open it up — “is this really a website???”

modernista 1

The fully functional left hand navigation menu brings you to the agency’s portfolio not by linking you, but by showing you their Flickr page. Or their Facebook group…. all while keeping that left hand nav integrated on the page.

It’s a completely simple idea — that says so much about this agency’s view of the world, and of the interactive space. Which is an important point I want to make: you’ve got to walk the walk and talk the talk.

Far too many interactive agencies have lackluster sites that do not truly express or articulate their mission or world-view. If you’re going to try and persuade clients that you get the social Web, shouldn’t you actively embrace it yourself?

Modernista! does… and it’s some of the coolest shyt I’ve ever seen.