The networked developing world

It’s an exciting time to be in the business of technology. Why? Because old business models are failing, which means now is a time for great innovations and steps forward. Haven at Birdahonk writes about Henry Chesbrough’s Open Business Models, as one instance.

One scenario which really interests me: for-profit organizations. Gutsy corporations like Google are paving new ground as they prove for-profit philanthropy can work. This really excites me personally, because it means corporations no longer have to play a role of ravenous industrial plunderer, but can make both peace and profit at once (if you’ve seen the documentary The Corporation, or read Naomi Klein’s No Logo, you know what I mean). I’ll post more about that later on.

And projects like the $100 laptop are really happening, and having an impact. The BBC has a special report on the laptop and on technology in the developing world.