Does the New York Times Need a Redesign?


A beautiful visualization on the NYTimes today from survey data of how Americans spend their time: sleep, working, eating, watching TV, etc. You can sort by age group, employment, education, and more. I love the simple animated transition when you click through different filters. And how the color and layout make look like layers of temporal sediment. Check out the visual: How Different Groups Spend Their Day.

But in this next image, take a look at the article page which links to the visualization. Just a tiny thumbnail, on a cluttered page. Every day the times churns out great visualization like this, unlike any other content source on the web. But article templates are overloaded with ads, including self-promotional ones. And the navigation has become a bit  overwhelming.


I love that the NYTimes web team has pushed for increasingly unique features to augment the user experience. But with so many one-off features, the Times has become the equivalent of a hand-me-down automobile, jarring pieces reused and replaced, cluttered with random replaced components. Not a singularly design entity.

My fingers are crossed that the NYTimes Co. management gives Khoi Vinh the reins to redesign this site. And bet the house on it.