The T&A of Viral Sites: Microsoft's Ms. Dewey

Microsoft’s viral site “Ms. Dewey” loosely promotes the new LiveSearch. Full-motion video, and a script that directly address the viewer directly are nothing new, and bring to mind a bunch of similar sites and software (Subservient Chicken, Wing Commander IV)

The production value of Ms. Dewey is pretty fab. As is Ms. Dewey herself (I can imagine the casting call on Craigslist now: “Software geeks seek generically ethnic model for new viral site and rounds of Parcheesi“).

Other than production, the site is lame — there’s nothing unique here, such as the the sense of Eliza-like two-way conversation. Ms. Dewey doesn’t even have a unique response to what I’m sure most people search for: “Want to make out?”

But… here I am blogging about it… so I guess the marketeers win? Either way, this is still just the digital equivalent of tits and ass in beer ads (well, except there’s more clothing involved here!)

click image above to see it big