The Wink Heard Around The World

We all know Sarah Palin’s wink now, either from the self-declared maverick’s VP debate, or from Tina Fey’s brilliant portrayal on Saturday Night Live.

sarah palin winks
Tonight’s the evening for Obama’s 30-minute campaign ad, and here is probably the best ad from either campaign yet.

The simplicity of going with no voice over, and just music and text instead, gives power and a sense of importance to the ad as a whole. Plus, if there was a voice over, the inflection and tone of the voice might make the ad feel either too negative, or too monotone.

Even if you don’t read the three McCainn quotes the ad starts with, the one screen — “His Choice?” — followed by that infamous wink, well, that just sums it all up perfectly.

Watch the ad on YouTube here:
(sorry, embedding on my blog is kind of messed up right now)