UX Fail – Facebook’s Terms and Labels (Photo vs. Video)

There’s an interesting design issue for me with Facbook’s profiles and photo albums, and I’d venture to call it a #uxfail — a spot for quick improvement. Curious to hear your thoughts.

Why would I want to “Add Video” to a section titled “Photos”? And why can’t I just upload a photo directly, rather than only uploading video here?


Facebook’s profile design team must have some internal rationale, perhaps wanting photos to now only be uploaded through the news feed. But I do think that this breaks some fundamental ux design principles, namely consistency:

Consistency – All else being equal, software should be internally consistent with itself, and externally consistent with similar interfaces to leverage the user’s existing knowledge. [Source: Nielsen]

The issue of consistency comes into play with how you upload photos or video elsewhere (“Upload Photo/Video”).


I think an ideal solution would be to have a single “upload” button that then allows for any kind of media file, detects audio vs. video, and responds accordingly.