Vox — almost as cool as a box of soap

Dear Reader,

Six Apart held a small party in Boston Tuesday, celebrating the release of Vox, their new social blogging service.

Mena Trottintroduced Vox by saying that: people want to feel a sense of privacy when they blog. So, Vox users can restrict access to their blog — just to friends and family.

I’m not so sure I agree that privacy like this is so important. I think many people see blogs as a soapbox for their personal views, ideas, and rants — they like the limelight of blogging.

Vox has a slick content-entry system. You can quickly put YouTube videos, Flickr photos, music, books, et al, into blog posts and comments. Mad props for a really cool visual look to Vox too, which is both unique to the site as a whole, but without taking away a personal feel to each blog.

In some ways, it seems just like LiveJournal 2.0. Limited profile info, small profile pictures, a “neighborhood” of close friends…. Will it eventualy help broaden the demographics of bloggers into the mainstream? Only time will tell.

– Ross

PS. Does soap still come in boxes?