Web design like it’s 1999

A fellow designer at Modernista summed up her take on Facebook’s new feed interface to me as “a huge crush on Twitter.” I call it Twitter a go-go. It’s a clear comparison: same single text entry field, and timeline of updates.

But Twitter with it’s simple functionality and and open API is a drastically different animal than Facebook, a robust social network. Having the same hompage seems like a real mistep. But what does this say about web design in general? Why is it that today’s most popular sites seem to be canabilizing the same, outdaed interfaces?


Real-time RSS is still on the horizon — the ability for sites to pull data from all across the web as it’s being created. When we’re able to update information in real-time, maybe we’ll see a lot more sites along the lines of Johnathan Harris’ www.wefeelfine.org.

But in the meantime, why are we designing in the past? Let’s innovate with web interfaces and design some breakthrough shiz. My personal view forward is to look towards visualization — information doesn’t have to be presented as text/thumbnails/links. If NYTimes can do it, so can you.