Weekly Link LoDown: May 02, 2008

Here’re a few essentials I’ve come across from the past few days…

George Lois says “Advertising is Poison Gas” … and uses the word “bupkis” in this AdWeek video. He seems like he’d be a kick-ass guy to have a beer with.

Wal-Mart backs down … from suing it’s own employee that was left severely brain damaged for the $470,000 it paid for her medical expenses.

Microsoft Surface Launches in AT&T Stores … and now we no longer have to wonder: “if I touch an iPhone to a Microsoft product in an AT&T store — will the world implode?”

Need to relax? Blow some s**t up! … A new study in the U.K. has found that playing online violent games actually reduces anger and relaxes gamers.

Microsoft Research and the future of human computer interaction … says that by 2020, the field of HCI will finally replace the term “user” with “human.” To paraphrase my CMU professor Randy Pausch, ” i like to say ‘guest’ rather than ‘user.’ We’re creating products and inviting people to participate, not making things for druggies.”

Sending Out An SMS – About Youth Volunteering … Gen Y wants to be socially active — but only if you make it easy for them.

10 Social Networking Trends … that I apparently have not been paying attention to include “continuous partial attention.” I’m sorry, what did you say?

Questions a job candidate should ask in an interview
… Advergirl continues her career-focused posts to help youngin’s like me make in in the industry. But she also cites me as a “favorite agency leaders.” What’s the emoticon for blushing?.

Drop it like it’s hot — in India … last but not least, Indian “baby dropping” makes it on to mainstream media (CNN). Is anyone else kind of freaked out by this?