What Goes On in a Resume Makeover?

Summary: I took on Leigh Householder and did a makeover of my own resume. The key lesson I learned is that you need to showcase your individual personality on paper every way you can.

The incomparable Leigh Householder has been doing a series of posts on Advergirl where she takes a readers resume, and fully redesigns it — both the content and the visuals. Her latest redesign of a new ad account exec was such a huge transformation that it inspired me, nay, made me realize how awful the resume I’ve been sending out has been. And since I’m hunting around for a new job… well, now or never for a resume makeover.

So, I started with a few visual elements Leigh used and completely re-did the layout and some of the wording of my own resume. Thanks to Marilyn Matty for her suggestions on how to rework some of the content. Here’s the final product (PDF), which leapfrogs what I had before:


Here are some of the changes I made:

Below is what my older resume looked like, from just a few weeks ago, as of April 2008:


I’m glad that sucker is gone.

But looking back at some of my resumes from even longer ago, it’s surprising to see the stark contrast. Want to see what got me my current job as a Researcher at Forrester? I’m embarassed to put this up on the web, but I’m sharing it because it shows just how much can change if you keep refining and iterating.