Wii 2.0

This video from CMU grad student Johnny Chung Lee, started circling around a few weeks ago, and has now hit the blogosphere bigtime on sites like Penny Arcade.

And with good reason, it’s a nerdy little video that sets up low expectations, to only reveal a WTF OMG amazing development in interface design — a flowing, 3D perspective on a 2D screen.

So, last year it was the multi-touch interface video from Jeff Han, which then developed into Microsoft’s vague Surface product. Remember that? Yea, but where the f*** is it? I have yet to see Surface in any home or normal consumer hands. It’s still just R&D (although amazing R&D).

But of course there’s the ubiquitous iPhone — now THAT is a successful multi-touch device.

But this 3D VR interface is different. While the man behind it might be an uber geek, he was able to set it up using stuff bought from Target. I hope it will lead to the next iPhone-type product, in that the interface is so simple yet so immersive, the first well-designed product to use it will be a breakthrough hit.

I’m so excited by this, not only because its from a CMU student (I spent three years there), but because it’s so VR driven. And while at CMU I had the pleasure of taking Randy Pauch’s Building Virtual Worlds course. We used super-primitive, head-mounted VR headsets, crappy sensors, and buggy Python code to link the two. The result was a great platform for experimentation. But this simple Wii concoction is so smooth and clean, it just leapfrogs all of that.

This is what BVW looked like, btw…