Currently Available For:Part-Time UX Consulting

I've been lucky enough to work on some great projects over the years, with a variety of companies and clients. Detailed work samples are available by request.

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Consulting Services


Monthly Creative Direction

Once each week for a month, I'll review your team's work, provide feedback, guidance and ideas on how to improve.


Usability Evaluations

I'll conduct a detailed user-centric heuristic evaluations of an app, site or interface to uncover UX flaws and design recommendations.


Design Sprints

I'll work with you in a quick, intensive "sprint" to generate product concepts or ideas for improvements.


User-Interface Design

Depending on timing and scope, I'm available as an interface and product designer for select projects.

Past Work


Co-founder, Designer & Product Lead


Your personal buying assistant, Fetch allows you to buy things at the best price by simply describing what you want. Just tell it what you need - with a text, photo, or voice memo - and the Fetch Deal Team will take care of the rest.


Co-founder, Designer & Product Lead

2013 was an early-stage proof of concept. By letting us track your purchases, we'll ensure that you get the best price on everything you buy online. We launched and scaled to 1,000 beta users in three months.

RewardMe Homepage


Co-creator & Designer


Pacer is the first workout timer designed and built for iOS7. It lets you track how much and when you workout, allowing you to be more organized at the gym and make your hard work pay off.

Pacer iOS7 Workout App Pacer iOS7 Workout App

Bond Gifts



Worked with Bond Gifts to help design the launch of their new iOS app.

Bond Gifts Landing Page Design

PalTalk Mobile Redesign

UX Consultant


Paltalk is a group video chat platform, similar to Skype. I worked with a special team hired to redesign and modernize the product.

Some UX and UI design work I did for Paltalk

Matchbox Inc.

UX Consultant


I consulted for Matchbox Inc., a Boston-based startup building some amazing software for university admissions departments.

UX consulting work I did for Matchbox

The Tin Fox Company

Co-founder, Head of Product


Tin Fox was an e-commerce platform for craftspeople and designers to promote and sell new products. It was bootstrapped and launched as an invite-only beta, but did not reach profitability.

Tin Fox was an e-commerce platform for craftspeople and handmade designers.

UX Consultant


Working with a team at SapientNitro, I helped rethink the usability and evaluate ways to improve UX issues with Target's recent site redesign.

ux design and usability work on

Pet360 E-Commerce

UX Lead


One of the largest e-commerce retailers for pets in the US aimed to become more by designing an entirely new e-commerce site.

ux design work on a new e-commerce site

UX Lead


Over the course of two years I worked on various projects for Nike, feeding into a large-scale redesign effort to overhaul Nike's global web presence and e-commerce sites.

ux design and usability work on

Nike BOOM App

UX Lead


Led the design for a new health and fitness iPhone app.

ux design on Nike BOOM mobile app

MasterCard Mobile Strategy

UX Lead


Crafted a year-long mobile strategy, including specs and designs for several mobile apps, for the financial giant.

Nike Women

UX Lead


Led the Nike Women team on a digital contest that played a critical role in a business strategy to grow apparel sales.

Palm Pre Tutorial

UX Lead


Worked with the WebOS design team to create a first-use tutorial for the Pre.

Palm Pre Tutoria UX Design

Forrester Research


2006 - 2008

Customer Experience researcher and author for Forrester Research.

Ross Popoff-Walker's Forrester Research Reports

Music Game Prototypes



While working at on Guitar Hero 1, I prototyped several new music game concepts, looking for ways to expand music-driven gameplay into new game genres.

Music Game Prototypes


Co-founder & Designer


A project I co-founded and designed while at Carnegie Mellon’s Entertainment Technology Center. A video-game simulating the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, PeaceMaker's goal was to teach high school students about global issues.

PeaceMaker Serious Game Design

Guiding Lights Virtual World

Team member


Guiding Lights was an audience interaction piece made in Randy Pausch's Building Virtual Worlds class. The audience is an active participant in the performance and passes around battery powered lights that are tracked by a video camera. The goal is to guide a virtual moth to safety, away from bats, and ultimately to a mate.

Guiding Lights is a Building Virtual Worlds Project created at Carnegie Mellon University