Your Advertising Gave Me Indigestion

Too often we are forced to stare at advertisements — enslaved by intrusive ad placement.

Waiting in a move theater, before the previews, is one good example. It’s a frustrating experience, when the Coke ad comes on and interrupts your game of movie trivia with your friend, or whatever conversation you were having, and I know I’m not the only one who feels that way.

Advertising in its entirety is becoming obsolete, as companies rally around Marketing As A service (MaaS) — here’s one take by TheDrewBlog, and of course, Zeus Jones’ idea (pictured below). MaaS means providing value and meaning to consumers through products and expereinces, rather than just building awareness through messaging.

ZJ Technology and MaaS

But MaaS is far out there for most traditional agencies, who are still focused on media buys. And so it all comes down to placement — which sometimes just feels like ad pollution.

Richardsona has an interesting take on this — he calls this type of force-fed advertising “indentured advertude.”

These enslaving ads can even creep into your sacred lunch time. Personally, the following ad made my tummy gurgle. A few months back I sat down at a table in a Cambridge, MA Quiznos on a lunch break near Forrester’s headquarters, and I see Donald Trump’s face staring at me throughout my meal. Talk about indigestion…

quiznos ad

Now, I know what you’d say, Donald, if you read this post…

“Don’t like my face?? You’re Fired!! Eat somewhere else…”

But, that’s not the point! I shouldn’t have to look at your mullet-esque hair transplants to begin with if I don’t want to!!